Our Asset Management team unlock and create our clients' asset repositioning and enhancement strategies. 

We provide asset services and proactive asset management encompassing strategic asset plan, yield maximization and asset enhancement initiatives, leasing and marketing, facilities / property management, refurbishment and capex plan, retail management and tenant engagement across the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. These services help to maximize our clients' return on investment and align key property assets with their overall business strategies.

Our Asset Manager ensures assets are maintained to the best leasable state; walk through viewings, takeovers, preparing for new tenancies. We liase with authorities, leasing service providers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, auditors contractors and insurers on property related matters. We advice property tax assessments for objection or appeal and file your property tax vacancy claims. We ensure records of all feedbacks and maintain all licenses and registrations required by law.

We collect rent and services charge due from tenants and provide monthly funds movement report to clients. We liase with tenants in all matters relating to lease agreements, both global and local firms, foreign funds, property developers and owners, private investors and traditional high-net-worth families. We prepare periodic market reports on sales and rentals to assess clients' asset performance against market trend.


Our primary objectives are reducing costs, standardizing operations and improving the quality of facilities related services for our clients.

Our team have decades of experience in the integration of multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace tailored to meet your expectations.

Our property management services cover all areas and asset types from shopping centres, residential to industrial portfolios, our team provide advice on a range of services from strata management to asset management.

III. corporate tenancy MANAGEMENT

We provide a single point of coordination for outbound destination services to high end expatriate clients pertaining to leased properties & furniture matters. We will go through a systematic analysis of client's objectives, key deliverables and expectation to be met.

We offer complete personal administrative coordination and advisory support to client companies and respective lessees, arranging repairs, vetting of tenancies, negotiating lease renewal, extensions and terminations with planning and budget setting for housing allowances.

IV. Corporate relocation and fit out projects

We plan, implement and supervise daily operation and quality of work performed by creative and soft services ambassadors such as areas of premise general maintenance, transportation, housekeeping and lifestyle with primary focus of constant improvement to creature comforts.

We assist clients in the tendering process for contracting vendors such as housekeeping, transportation and procurement of goods and services such as obtaining new furniture and appliances. 

We work with clients' Interior Design department for interim and proposed work space allocation management in existing and future premise with the use of Computer Aided Design tools.

We attend management meeting to communicate relevant project information to all stakeholders and chair site meetings with external facilities vendors and projects team.


Service is the heart of our business. We have a young and eager team ready to serve you with efficiency and high service standards to ensure that service excellence is achieved daily. 

Whether it is a luxury residential property, condominium or commercial office, expect only the highest service standards and we are confident that our team will supersede them.

Our operation philosophy is, "we clean your estate like our very own".


We provide training to council members, estate accounting, BMSMA and site staff. Pls call us to know about the dates and venue for registration.

  1. Council Members roles and responsibilities

  2. BMSMA and STB cases

  3. Estate Accounting

  4. Roles and Responsibilities of site staff