Asset Management


Real estate investment is no longer seen as a passive model where property is bought, held passively over time, and then sold for a profit. Asset and Property Managers play critical role to help unlock and create through asset repositioning and enhancement strategies. Asset management monitors and maintains things of value to an entity or group which applies to both tangible assets (buildings) and intangible assets (human capital, intellectual property and/or financial assets).

We provide asset services and proactive asset management encompassing strategic asset plan, yield maximisation and asset enhancement initiatives, leasing and marketing, facilities / property management, refurbishment and capex plan, retail management and tenant engagement programmmes. These services help to maximise our Clients return on investment and align key property assets with their overall business strategies.

In leveraging the strength of technology in streaming workflow and increasing productivity, we are always improving our state-of-art accounting, reporting and database technology to help us monitor investment performance and forecast returns.  


Facility Management’s primary objectives are reducing costs, standardizing operations and improving the quality of facilities related services for our clients.

It’s about the integration of multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace.

While we could not provide all the solutions to our clients’ facility management needs, our emphasis is to insist that we work only with the best service partners in the industry.

We select our panel of service partners based on a comparison of their performance against our quality benchmarks. Our panel of service partners are assessed amongst others on the number of service call backs and each corresponding call back’s response time.

Our service partners are assessed fairly and their performances are tracked and reviewed periodically by our internal auditors, to ensure that good service levels are maintained at all times.


  • Consultancy Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Comprehensive Property Management Services
  • Administration of Contracts
  • Advice on Maintenance Works
  • Supervision of Repair & Maintenance Works
  • Energy Management Consultancy
  • Trust Fund Management
  • Time Deposit Administration
  • Real Estate Marketing/ Lease Administration
  • Tenancy Account Management