Abacus Approved Vendors

Our clients trust and expect us to deliver the very best. That’s why we are extremely selective in choosing the companies that service the properties we managed. Abacus Property works with businesses that share our commitment to on-time, on-target, value added customer first service. If that describes your company, we invite you to become Abacus Approved Vendor and join the Preferred Vendor Network. 

We have a strict vendor selection criteria and a formal due diligence process helps us to manage quality while ensuring our clients receive the best and quickest service levels possible. There are requirements to becoming approved, including verification of insurance coverage, abiding by our Vendor Terms and Conditions, and ensuring that appropriate business licenses are in place. This is a process we go through to feel your company will take great care of our clients and residents.  

We look forward to our partnership.

Registering with AAV offers the following benefits:

 · By using a cloud-based vendor management system to call for tender and manage existing contracts, we have access to island wide clients with a click of a button to Invitation to Quote (ITQ) for the various services required by your clients.

 · Your company information will be available to all our Property Managers and your clients.

 · You will have the opportunity to showcase your company information on our website under Approved Vendor program to a wider audience

· AAV eliminates the need to continually submit the same information to various Abacus Property’s portfolio project during Call for Tender.


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  • TGM General contracting Services
  • LT Xquisit
  • T.M. Services
  • Ann Cleaning & Landscaping
  • Everyday Cleaning Services Pte Ltd
  • The Helping Hand Landscape Cleaning Services
  • TMS Cleaning Pte Ltd
  • Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd
  • Springlife Maintenance Pte Ltd
  • G2KC Management Services
  • Sunburst Integrated Services Pte Ltd
  • Andas Services Private Limited
  • Newell Builders Pte Ltd
  • JJ Jetting Pte Ltd
  • Suanyi General Contractor
  • Powerman Services Pte Ltd
  • Wei Huat Trading
  • Chiang Kiong Environmental Pte Ltd
  • GreenGarden Landscape & General Contractor Pte Ltd
  • Evergreen Landscape & General Construction
  • Sembwaste Pte Ltd
  • SembCorp Pte Ltd


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  • Able Fire Control Pte Ltd
  • Execellent Fire Services Pte Ltd
  • Bees Building Services Pte Ltd
  • Firetronics (S) Pte Ltd
  • Celtec Systems Pte Ltd


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  • IGM Construction (S) Pte Ltd
  • Dec Contracts Pte Ltd
  • Gates Internationale Pte Ltd
  • SMS Building Pte Ltd
  • Mastermark Pte Ltd


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  • Crescent General Contractor Pte Ltd
  • Kone Pte Ltd
  • Crank Power Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Ada Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
  • M2 Power
  • E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd
  • JF Air Conditioning & M&E Services
  • Long Win Aircondition Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Tubmaster refinishing Pte Ltd
  • Chris-Ray Engineering Pte Ltd


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  • F1 Recreation Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Fitness Core-ner Pte Ltd


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  • Crescent General Contractor Pte Ltd
  • Evergreen Landscape & General Construction
  • GreenGarden Landscape & General Contractor Pte Ltd
  • Far East Florist & Landscape Construction Pte Ltd
  • Garden Works Pte Ltd
  • Summer Pond Landscaping Pte Ltd
  • Ken Landscape Services
  • Casimirian Landscape Pte Ltd
  • P &V Park View Garden & Landscape Services
  • Trunk & Petal Pte Ltd
  • Hong Meng Landscape Pte Ltd
  • Summer Pond & Landscaping Pte Ltd


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  • Ada Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
  • KES Electrical Services
  • EPG Building Services Pte Ltd
  • STC Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Kok Star Electrical Engineering
  • Hock Cheong Hian Services
  • HY M & E Consultancy Services Pte Ltd
  • J M Pang & Seah (Pte) Ltd


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  • Hitachi Elevator Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
  • Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte Ltd
  • Lift Hub Engineering Pte Ltd
  • VM Elevator Pte Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Elevator (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Schlinder Lifts (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • FB Industries Private Limited
  • Fujitec Singapore Corpn. Ltd


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  • System Pest Control Services Pte Ltd
  • Jeyee Associates
  • Servcare Services Pte Ltd
  • Unipest Beyond Treatment Results
  • Pestmasters Pte Ltd
  • Pest-Pro Management Ptd Ltd
  • Killem Pest Pte Ltd
  • Jim's Force Services
  • ABJ Pte Ltd
  • Major's Pest Management Services Pte Ltd


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  • Hock Cheong Hian Services
  • EPG Building Services Pte Ltd
  • E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd
  • Calpeda Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


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  • Achieve Security Services
  • Prosegur Singapore Pte Ltd
  • A Tact Security Services & Management Pte Ltd
  • Storm Protection Pte Ltd
  • Tiger Hong Investigations & Security Pte Ltd
  • Aspect Security Mangement Pte Ltd
  • Amanah Security & Investigation Pte Ltd
  • Alwatch Security Mangement Pte Ltd
  • Cis-Tronics Pte Ltd
  • Interlock Security & Investigation


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  • Leong Wei Contractor
  • As-Tech Electronic Engineering
  • Cis-Tronics Pte Ltd
  • Tripletop Engineering Pte Ltd
  • ELV Systems Solution Pte Ltd
  • Advansoft Pte Ltd
  • Reditech Services
  • Trilogy Integration Pte Ltd
  • Jointech Enterprise Pte Ltd
  • Chubb Singapore Private Limited
  • Tripletop Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Logo Access Pte Ltd
  • Achieve Security Services Pte Ltd


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  • Aquarius Products & Contract Management Pte Ltd
  • Hydro-Pool Engineering
  • Pure Water Pool Services
  • CU Water Services Pte Ltd
  • Quikblue Pte Ltd
  • Kim Eng Building Maintenance Services
  • Spring Water Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Crystal Clear Contractor Pte Ltd


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  • IGM Construction (S) Pte Ltd
  • Choo Boo Siang Spray Painting


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  • China Taiping Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
  • AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd