property management company in Singapore

Managing your rental property is no more a hassle

Maintaining your property can be a real hassle at times. Suppose, you have a rental property and you want to keep a check on every matter relating to it. This task is almost next to impossible for a person who has other things to do. The entire process is timely, cumbersome, complex and repetitive.

Things will be much more complex in cosmopolitan hubs, such as Singapore, where people keep on coming and leaving quickly. The solution is, you need to find the right property management company in Singapore with ample amount of knowledge and expertise.

There are a lot of problems and legalities involved when talking about rental properties. Some most common issues include:

  • Maintaining a property during the course of vacancy
  • Managing it while occupants are there
  • Making sure all utility and maintenance bills are paid within time
  • Making sure the internal and external environment of the house is safe for the residents
  • Making sure, rental contract is in place with all the legal conditions, and none of the terms should violate the rights of the renter as well as the government.
  • Contract renewal and new terms to be included

Why you need a property management firm?

Why do you need to hire a property manager to help you out? When you’re too busy in your business and family, you can hardly understand the matters involving real estate. What would you do when you had rented a place and the occupant kept complaining about small leakages, bad paint, improper wiring, sanitation issue, general building maintenance, and other related things? Here, a property management company takes care of each and every aspect of your precious real estate and liberates you to enjoy your free time.

Legal matters

Take rental property as an example; there are a lot of legal matters involved in it and it’s unlikely that you understand all of them. Some legal matters include:

  • Matters relating to the timely rent collection,
  • How to manage repairs at your property and
  • Eviction of the renter

They can be very tricky and to have them addressed properly you need a lawyer. A property lawyer is always a great help in addressing these issues, but he may be too busy to give you appointment, or perhaps you cannot afford his fees.  Where else to go to then? Property management firms, with their experience and knowledge, can address these issues quite easily. Plus, they don’t charge you that high.

If you have a number of rental units or properties

If you have more than one rental unit, it is really hard to manage all the related matters in a proper manner. Going for a real estate agent would not make any sense if the properties are far in distance or are in different cities, because you will have to hire more than one property agent to assist you. But for a property management company, numbers and the distances do not matter. You just have to pay a monthly fee and be relieved from all your worries.  

Final statement

Property management Singapore has been gaining popularity just because of these issues. However, it is necessary that you find the correct firm, because not all the firms have the right expertise to manage your property in the best possible manner. Do your research and choose the one with the best network, reach and reputation.