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How to maintain rain water tanks in properties

It is needless to mention how important water is to our lives. It is one of the basic necessities that should be available for all. This is why water tanks hold such prime importance in any property.

In areas where there is scarcity of water, water tanks are considered as a blessing. You can store valuable amount of water through these tanks which can be further used as per your needs. However, it is also important to understand how you should install water tanks so that they work efficiently for longer periods of time and avoid unnecessary pool of water to avoid dengue cases. This article will provide you with useful guidance when it comes to water tanks.

Whenever you are thinking of renovating your property, you should make due considerations about your water tanks. Property management Singapore has just the right solutions to your problems.

Rain water tanks

These tanks are not entirely dedicated to rain water but they have earned the name because they can hold valuable rain water. These tanks are crucial because in areas where there is not enough water supply, rain water can be a very important source.

These tanks can be installed separately with effective water collection mechanisms. These mechanisms can be:

  •  Cemented Roofs
  • Fiberglass Sheet roofs
  • Galvanized Iron roofs
  • Polycarbonate Roofs
  • And many others

Also, here are some roofs from which you should never collect rain water. The water might be highly contaminated if it comes from these sources.

  • Roofs painted with lead based material
  • Roofs made from treated wood
  • Wood burner chimneys

Since rain water is so valuable to the cause, it is important that you know some relevant information about it. This will help you make the decision as to what purpose you should use this water for.

Water Pollutants

Not every time your rain water will be drinkable. There can be pollutants such as birds and animal droppings as well as microscopic pollutants can affect the rain water.

Smoke can also be a hazardous material that can badly affect your water storage. If you live in urban areas, poor air quality and air ventilation will result in air pollution can also be a dangerous factor. Sometimes everything is fine and it’s just your water pipes that are not clean.

Keeping your rain water clean

To ensure that you stay safe from these hazardous ingredients, there should be a tank cover designed in a way that avoids such pollutants from dirtying the water. Here are a few more recommendations that can keep your rain water clean.

  • Clean your tanks on regular basis. If your area has seasonal rains you may also want to close the connection to your tank during that time. It will keep unnecessary air and smoke from entering the tank.
  •  Remove leaves and branches that might be hanging over the tanks.
  • Use pipes which are immune to corrosion.
  • Always allow the first seasonal rain to clean off all the dirt from the pipes and the tank. Then use the water from the following rain showers.

Property management companies can tell you further effective uses of rain water like toilet flushing, car and clothes washing and other cleaning purposes. They can help you install and maintain these tanks for a longer time. 

The essential of air ventilation

Air, the basic need of life. As much as it is taken for granted, air quality is the most crucial element when it comes to living. If you doubt the statement one bit, stop breathing for a while. Just as important it is for our environment to stay clean, it is equally important that the air stays breathable and germ free.

The need of ventilation

Ventilation is instrumental in maintaining the property. You will be surprised to know but there are more elements that contribute to heat buildup than just your kitchen stove. Property management Singapore have the detailed answers to queries regarding air conditioning and ventilation of properties. Before we move to further discussion with ventilation, let’s see what these elements are:

  • The heat from sun directly entering our house is a major contributor to rise in temperature inside the house.
  •  Hot air from the surroundings that make way through our windows and doors is another ingredient.

These elements may not be considered when we discuss the rise in temperature inside our house. For us, an exhaust fan is important in the kitchen because it takes out the heat and smoke through the vent. However, the heat buildup continues in other parts of your property which generally go unnoticed.  

The working principle

The principle of ventilation is quite simple. Just like you make way for water to travel through pipes, ventilation is the circulation of air in and out of the house. If you provide air with free passage, you will never be faced with complaints such as suffocation and high temperature inside your house.

How to implement ventilation inside the property

There are several ventilation systems available these days which ensure effective air passage so that your home temperature stays normal all the time.

  • Exhaust fans

One of the simple types of ventilation systems are exhaust fans. These fans suck out the hot air that builds up inside closed environments. Exhaust fans are cheap and easy to install inside rooms and we recommend that every room should have at least one exhaust fan.

  • Keep windows open

The best way to allow air to pass is simply to give it a passage. If you keep the windows and doors opened frequently, there will be no heat buildup inside your rooms. Also, it will allow cleaner and fresher air to enter your house so the environment stays healthier.

  • Tree plantation

If you have trees around your house, ventilation can improve considerably. Trees are a good source of ventilation as well as they clean the air. You must have experienced cleaner and cooler breeze when you stand under a tree. So you can plant more trees around your property for a healthier breeze to pass through your house all the time. But be mindful of excess pool of water around your plantation to avoid dengue breakout.

What else to consider

If you are going for modern ventilating systems, make sure that you have identified the air volume in your house and the ventilator capacity. Property management can provide you with detailed guidance in regards to calculations when you install a ventilation system. 

5 things to consider before selling property

Selling property is not all that easy. There are several things to look at before you finally make the deal. In most situations, there are real estate agents and dealers who act as a third-party mediator to make the deal. Property management Singapore is also one of the leading property managers in the country. You can have necessary information about property management in Singapore that will help you sell your property without any financial risks.

It becomes quite simple and effective once you have the insight from experts in property dealing. However, you should never compromise on the following aspects of property selling before you sell it. It will ensure that your property is sold at a reasonable price and quickly.


People should know you want to sell your property. Normally, people put “for sale” signs out in their lawn but that may not be enough. You should make use of all the available resources in this regards:

  • Get the word out through social media
  • There are a number of websites where you can post the ad for sale.
  • Contact established real estate agents who can spread your word out

If you don’t get enough exposure, there are chances that your property sale will be delayed. Share pictures of your property portraying a clean and good air quality. Who knows, others may be attracted with your property from the overall look.

Ability to Negotiate

It is quite crucial while selling your property. If you are good at negotiating, you may well get a good price for your property. Also it can help you sell your property in quick time. Make sure you can create a win-win situation for both the buyer and yourself. Ensure that you two can negotiate on terms and conditions which then end up suitable for both of you. Avoid keeping things rigid and more flexibility will be beneficial for you. It is also better to get a good knowledge of real estate affairs to help yourself negotiate better.


Legality is one of the more complex and fragile matters in any contract. It is better to take services from a legal expert that can drive you out of any complicated situation. It shouldn’t be ignored because illegal affairs can lead you and your buyer to sever consequences. In many cases, fraud dealers can fool you along with real estate agents so it is better to take services of a legal expert.

Time Needs

You may want to sell your property on urgent basis or you may have a few years’ time. Regardless of the time span, you should be prepared enough with all the relevant documents and files needed for selling all the time. You never know when a decent buyer might arrive so pre-planning is the way to go.

Market Value

Making your property as a commercial purpose? A real estate agent can guide you better regarding the market value of your property. Since property values are changing all the time, you are better off giving it to your estate agent to sell your house as they will help you sell it just at the right time so that you make most profit out of your sales.

5 Tips to Maintain A Property for Commercial Purpose

No matter if you live in a large sized villa or a small two room apartment. There is always a need to keep a healthy environment and a good indoor air quality. It’s not just a place where you live, it defines you and your lifestyle. The things you keep whether they are decorative pieces or the one you use on daily basis, require maintenance so that they can last for longer periods of time.

Keeping all your household objects intact, making timely adjustments and renewals in your house is not just a requirement, it also gives you a fresher feeling and renewed living experience. Property management in Singapore plays a vital role in this regards.

Things tend to break, your water supply may break or you can have broken windows and leaked ceilings. It is part and parcel of life. However, you can keep yourself from unwanted emergencies if you pay closer attention to your house. We will guide you with some basic techniques that can help you maintain your property.

1.  Give Your Property Some time

It is better to be proactive. Address to the problem before it arises. For this matter, you should carry out routine checks in your house. Especially with the humid weather in Singapore, it is crucial that property owners do a thorough check to prevent dengue from spreading. Here are some suggestions about how can go about it:

  • Maintain a time table of your work and leisure hours.
  • Assign at least one day in a week to carry out a survey of the house.
  • Get a rough idea of how much time you spend in different parts of the house.

2.  Conduct Surveys

Once you assign a day of your week for your house survey, you should make a list of what things to look at. There might be things that need repairing or maybe there is stuff that you need to change. You will find out once you survey your house. Here are few things to consider during a survey:

  • Make sure that there is adequate cleanliness in lesser used portions of the house such as the attic, garage etc.
  • Ensure that house security is working. Check your door locks and if you have security patterns, you should change them occasionally.
  • Make a list of things that need to be either replaced or repaired.

3.  Call Professionals

Portions such as the sewerage line and the gas supply may not be easily monitored. Therefore, you can seek help of a professionals for this matter. If you wish to do it by yourself, first learn enough about the job and only then carry out survey of your pipelines and power supplies.

4.  Replace and Repair

The objects that you find worth repairing or replacing should be immediately removed from their spot. This is the only way you would do something about them. People tend to forget about things that need repairing so as a reminder, remove them from their spots.

5.  Ensure Health

Always prioritize health ahead of other interests. Make sure that the environment is clean and there is proper ventilation in your house. If not, you should seek help from professionals in this regards. You should also go for occasional renovation because it refreshes the mind and gives you a renewed feel.


Keeping an eye on your house is very important. These simple property management tactics will surely help you with a better and disciplined life style.