3 ways to manage and reduce home waste

With the growth in industrial development, there has been an expected rise in industrial waste, hence the importance of facility management to ensure good air quality and avoid cases like dengue. Also with the developing urbanized societies, waste material has become a problem for most parts of the world. It has given rise to pollution dirtying the oceans, earth and the atmosphere. According to a study, about 14 billion pounds of waste material goes into oceans every year.

Because of such high percentage of impurities and dirt, water supply also suffers a great deal. Studies suggest that more than a billion people which is roughly about one-seventh of the world population do not have any access to clean water. Even in urbanized societies, water and sanitation continues to be a major problem.  

The list of facts and figures can continue but the message to extract out of this discussion is that there is a definite need of waste management. Where it is important to maintain all the legal documents and papers to secure your home, property management company in Singapore also calls for maintaining a healthier environment by managing your waste properly and making effective use of recyclable products.

In this article, we will highlight 3 key aspects of home waste management that will help you keep your property and the area around your property clean. These are simple but effective tips that will help you reduce your home waste which will in turn help you keep a clean surrounding. It is just a step in the global goal of achieving a cleaner and healthier earth for our future generations.


Limit your Garbage

The best way to manage waste is to have the least amount of it. The lesser the garbage, lesser your problems dealing with it. Here are some useful recommendations that can help you reduce your garbage.

  • Using cloth bags instead of plastic and paper bags is always a good option. When you go out for shopping, take along with you cloth bags. These bags are reusable therefore, it keeps you from throwing them away unlike plastic and paper bags. Whenever you go out for shopping grocery, or anything for that matter keep these cloth bags in a place where you can easily find them. It is a major step in reducing your home waste.

  • Switch to technology and limit the use of paper. Paper has been replaced by smartphones and tabs in most places except for the bathroom. You still have to use tissue rolls. The point being that you can make a remarkable reduction in paper usage if you start reading your books and newspaper on your tabs and smartphones. Ask your children to join you in the cause.

  • Limit the use of water bottles and try drinking from the cooler as much as possible. It will reduce the number of water bottles at home which in turn helps reducing waste.



Once you have used up your bottles and other such items, try to reuse them in any possible way. It keeps you from throwing them out in the garbage. You can even make something creative out of it. There are numerous tutorials and help available to guide you in making good use of your recyclable products.