4 key aspects of building maintenance

Office buildings are not just a center of work for the employees. In fact they serve as a financial hub for any country. A building is home to numerous small and large businesses which has a worth. It is quite understandable how profitable these sites are to a region’s cause and therefore they need to be taken proper care of, especially its air quality.

Residential Vs. Commercial Building

When we talk about property management in Singapore, there is a separate chapter about managing a building. Although residential buildings need to be managed quite similarly to the way any commercial building is managed but there are a few minor difference between the two.

  • Firstly, a residential building is going to be crowded all the time as people actually reside in there. A commercial building is likely to hold maximum number of people during office hours. Therefore, the timings and demands of water and power supply and other facilities is understandably different for both types of buildings.


  • Secondly, in a commercial building, normally there are no children while a residential building may hold many of them at a time. Therefore, there is never going to be a play time in a commercial building.

Hence, making the mentioned points an indicator of the importance of facility management. The list can continue and there are several other differences between the two types of buildings. In this article, we are going to put light on some essential elements required to maintain any type of building. It will help you make necessary arrangements in case you haven’t to ensure a much more safe and secure environment around your home and office.

Building Maintenance

Maintaining a building is not all that simple. It is a vast subject. Hence, it is divided in the further major categories. Some of them are briefly discussed ahead.

1. General Maintenance

It encircles all the repairs and maintenance problems such as plumbing, electricity supply, carpentry and other such issues, which unfortunately can all lead to dengue issues. It is probably the most frequently used management system because general problems tend to arise more often. General Maintenance is not the most expensive category in building management.

2. Elevator Control

This category is quite crucial and probably the most important in building management. For taller buildings having more than four or five floors, elevator maintenance is quite critical. The building has to ensure that the workers and residents can smoothly operate the lifts whenever they like, it is important that the lifts run smoothly all the time. Therefore, they need to be maintained much more critically.

3. Electronic Access Control

This category of building maintenance improves the security of a building. Workers and residents can access the building through electronic cards and other recognition systems such as fingerprints scanners and vascular pattern detectors. It is a much wanted commodity in modern day buildings.

4. Fire and Security Alarms Maintenance

This category is vital with the increasing tensions in the world. Security is a very important factor these days. Life-saving gadgets in emergency should be regularly monitored and tested to stay ready for any unwanted situation that might arise anytime.