5 Tips to Maintain A Property for Commercial Purpose

No matter if you live in a large sized villa or a small two room apartment. There is always a need to keep a healthy environment and a good indoor air quality. It’s not just a place where you live, it defines you and your lifestyle. The things you keep whether they are decorative pieces or the one you use on daily basis, require maintenance so that they can last for longer periods of time.

Keeping all your household objects intact, making timely adjustments and renewals in your house is not just a requirement, it also gives you a fresher feeling and renewed living experience. Property management in Singapore plays a vital role in this regards.

Things tend to break, your water supply may break or you can have broken windows and leaked ceilings. It is part and parcel of life. However, you can keep yourself from unwanted emergencies if you pay closer attention to your house. We will guide you with some basic techniques that can help you maintain your property.

1.  Give Your Property Some time

It is better to be proactive. Address to the problem before it arises. For this matter, you should carry out routine checks in your house. Especially with the humid weather in Singapore, it is crucial that property owners do a thorough check to prevent dengue from spreading. Here are some suggestions about how can go about it:

  • Maintain a time table of your work and leisure hours.
  • Assign at least one day in a week to carry out a survey of the house.
  • Get a rough idea of how much time you spend in different parts of the house.

2.  Conduct Surveys

Once you assign a day of your week for your house survey, you should make a list of what things to look at. There might be things that need repairing or maybe there is stuff that you need to change. You will find out once you survey your house. Here are few things to consider during a survey:

  • Make sure that there is adequate cleanliness in lesser used portions of the house such as the attic, garage etc.
  • Ensure that house security is working. Check your door locks and if you have security patterns, you should change them occasionally.
  • Make a list of things that need to be either replaced or repaired.

3.  Call Professionals

Portions such as the sewerage line and the gas supply may not be easily monitored. Therefore, you can seek help of a professionals for this matter. If you wish to do it by yourself, first learn enough about the job and only then carry out survey of your pipelines and power supplies.

4.  Replace and Repair

The objects that you find worth repairing or replacing should be immediately removed from their spot. This is the only way you would do something about them. People tend to forget about things that need repairing so as a reminder, remove them from their spots.

5.  Ensure Health

Always prioritize health ahead of other interests. Make sure that the environment is clean and there is proper ventilation in your house. If not, you should seek help from professionals in this regards. You should also go for occasional renovation because it refreshes the mind and gives you a renewed feel.


Keeping an eye on your house is very important. These simple property management tactics will surely help you with a better and disciplined life style.