How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service



A property management Singapore service that seeks to provide quality service to its customers has to look into many factors. Customer satisfaction is more important in this industry compared to other service industries, because clients are more interested in results, rather than reviewing past performances and success rates. In this field, word of mouth marketing still has the larger contribution compared to any other marketing technique.

So, what is it that a property management service should do to maximize client satisfaction? Your obvious answer would be, “Learn best practices”, but what are they?

One needs to research and find views of the people related to this industry. Not to ignore the clients who’ve been using facilities management services for years. Here’s a sum-total of all the research in this regard:

Customer’s Experience

Who else can review you better than the ones receiving your service? Here are some expectations clients have with the company that manages their property:

  • Understand the goals set by clients
  • Understand what they, or their property really needs
  • Manage their property in units in order to maximize profits
  • Take care of each unit and property so as to attract quality tenants (those who pay their rents on time, and stay longer) 
  •  Have excellent communication with their clients 

Quality Workforce

Next practice is directly related to the one mentioned above. Before discussing this, it is important to note that a facility management company works with those who are interested in renting their facilities and those who occupy it. Other than the quality skills needed by facility managers, they have to deal with both the parties and manage their expectations.

A service provider needs to have the right kind of professionals to bring that amazing customer experience. These include:

  • Vendors
  • Property owners, and
  • Property managers

So, a service provider has to make sure no one works under the table or hiding facts. Otherwise, the company will lose revenue, suppliers, and possibly clients.

Talk to Experts

To work safe, you need to make sure that the tenants have the competence and capability to utilize the premises. To do that, you can invest in tenant screening (hire employees or let the outsource company to do the job). In this way, you will also be able to get the right people for the facilities under consideration.

Here, it is vital to analyze the cost of screening process. The reason is, it’s your decision to choose the tenant, but you’re accountable to the client who has handed over the property under your management. So, if the company hasn’t resources to scrutinize the tenants, it should always seek professionals.

Continue Research

Properties and their requirements keep on changing time and again. Therefore, it is vital for the company to keep an eye on new trends and prepare itself accordingly. In order to stay ahead of competition, it is vital to learn new things and change procedures before the client replaces the company with its competitor. 


These are just a few practices, but they’re as important as bread and butter for facilities management services. If you’re a tenant or a property provider, make sure that the service you’re choosing has the tendency to amaze you.