5 Major Skills Facility Managers Should Possess

Moving into the 21st century, the world has changed a fair bit. The new era of modern technology has given skilled workforce with many platforms and professions to show their talent and make this world a better place. Many small businesses have transformed into global entities with advanced management skills.

To help these businesses maximise their efficiency and productivity, a new field of facility management has emerged and it's importance is slowly increasing. Today, it's been gradually considered compulsory for every business and offers a great opportunity for talented individuals to become successful managers.

However, the field is no short of challenges as you have to deal with different clients with different demands. So, as a facility manager, you need to have some skills to become successful. 

Here are 5 most essential skills a facility manager should have:

Good Interpersonal Skills
It is one of the basic requirements, as you have to be constantly on your toes to deal with your clients and employees. You have to have the ability to connect with people, inspire them, and achieve your business objective. There's no need to make too much of effort, this skill can be acquired with some hard work. Here are few things to remember, though:

•    Show respect to everyone
•    Don't be judgmental
•    Pay attention to the way you communicate and the means you use
•    Inspire others 

An organization is divided into different divisions and each division has its own responsibilities. At times, these departments overlap and may create confusion. Facility Management is one field in which such overlaps are quite common. So, you need to design a smart network tying administration, HR and IT departments with every other department. If your internal network is strong and smooth, there will much be lesser miscommunication internally.

In the corporate world, sustainability has become a new trend. There's also the trend in facility or property management sector. A good sustainable workspace, a building may be, is resourceful for anyone. As a facility manager, it will be your responsibility to maintain and preserve the place. An efficient workforce combined with smart scheduling and management will help you achieve this goal.

Reliance on Technology
IT is a field of software engineers, network administrators, and programmers, and it has become vital for today's business world. Facilities management relies heavily on IT. As a facility manager, you should have an eye over modern tools and equipment. Tools like asset management, monitoring, maintenance, reservation systems have become quite common these days. You need to understand how modern technology can enhance the entire organization. 

Project Management
Project management skills is considered a pre-requisite required of every facility manager. There may be a project manager and you have to work alongside him. Your role, however, will be the key to the entire setup. Here are some important responsibilities that you have to perform as a project manager:

•    Set goals and directions
•    Motivate your subordinates
•    Consistently monitor performance
•    Measure results in real time and removal of errors and problem solving