Importance of Facility Management For Your Business

Have you been experiencing issues like poor facilities management, ineffective system, inefficient infrastructure, under performance and substandard productivity? If these are your issues, you should consider looking for an experienced facilities management service provider to help with the optimization of your company’s performance. If you’re a business owner, this post will help you understand identify how facility management can help you achieve your business goals.

What Facility Management Is:

Facility Management (FM) is described as
A profession that covers several different disciplines to make sure that the workplace environment remains functional. It does so by integrating the following:
•    Human resource, 
•    Process, 
•    Technology and
•    Place

The following diagram shows some important services provided by facility managers.


Moving into the 21st century, we’ve seen significant changes and improvements in many industries. The advent of technology has impacted many businesses and industries, and changed the way they operate. 

The focus of businesses has broadened and included many aspects other than revenues and profits. Now, it’s more about balancing customers’ needs and the business needs, and achieving the best value of money through effective management of people and place. 

The term has become quite crucial for workplaces as businesses are now investing more on maintaining their facilities and ensuring smooth and consistent performance. The span and scope of property management services is wider as they deal with commercial scale properties that requite highly technical and skilled staff to manage complex operations. For 24/7 workplaces, facility management is even more vital. Some common services are mentioned as follows:

Soft services
Some of these services are common in home and offices. Soft services require limited or no expertise as they are more, sort of routine activities. These are:
•    House keeping
•    Pest control
•    Garden & lawn
•    Waste management
•    Mail room service
•    Vendor management
•    Staffing solutions
•    Security services
•    Hospitality services, etc.

Hard services
While these property management services are quite important in maintaining large infrastructures, some of these services are also important for homes and small businesses. They require certain level of knowledge and technical expertise. 
•    Electro-mechanical services
•    Engineering services
•    Energy and safety
•    Plumbing services, etc.

FM Competencies
On the basis of the global survey of over 62 countries in 2009, there are 11 major competencies of facility management. These are:
1.    Communication: the means and methods to communicate within and outside the workplace, and their maintenance.
2.    Human factors: the basic factor responsible for maintaining and managing facilities. 
3.    Quality: facility managers directly influence the workplace quality. These outsourced managers ensure smooth operations and availability of resources for the occupants. 
4.    Technology: facilities with up-to-date equipment and personnel have higher value
5.    Project management: businesses outsource certain in-house projects, such as 24/7 customer support. 
6.    Leadership and strategy: facility management services offer professionals to help plan successful business strategies.
7.    Finance and business: small-to-medium businesses are more interested in seeking advice for budget and investment planning.
8.    Operations and maintenance: equipment maintenance and repairs is another basic responsibility of facility management services
9.    Environmental sustainability and stewardship: how to create, maintain and sustain internal organization environment.
10.   Real estate management: managing supplies and other administrative tasks. 
11.    Business continuity and emergency preparedness: how to deal with extreme situations; robbery, terrorism and natural disasters.