Ministry Of Manpower - Unveiling of HR Industry Manpower Plan

HR professionals are key to unlocking the potential of our workforce and can be mobilised to activate business and industry transformation. Second Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo today unveiled the HR Industry Manpower Plan (HRIMP), which included new initiatives to help prepare our businesses and employees for future growth.

Our Executive Director, Mr Royston Chong is interviewed for spearheading our HR initiative in this area. Click here to read more

Executive condo One Canberra changes AGM venue over cost concern

An executive condominium that was due to hold its first annual general meeting (AGM) at a country club will now meet at a more modest community club instead - following pressure from residents and community leaders to cut unnecessary cost.

One Canberra's AGM is now set for June 24, after the executive condo's appointed managing agent, Realty International Associates (RIA), agreed to postpone the meeting by a week so that it can be held at Chong Pang Community Club.

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Managing your rental property is no more a hassle

Maintaining your property can be a real hassle at times. Suppose, you have a rental property and you want to keep a check on every matter relating to it. This task is almost next to impossible for a person who has other things to do. The entire process is timely, cumbersome, complex and repetitive.

Things will be much more complex in cosmopolitan hubs, such as Singapore, where people keep on coming and leaving quickly. The solution is, you need to find the right property management company in Singapore with ample amount of knowledge and expertise.

There are a lot of problems and legalities involved when talking about rental properties. Some most common issues include:

  • Maintaining a property during the course of vacancy
  • Managing it while occupants are there
  • Making sure all utility and maintenance bills are paid within time
  • Making sure the internal and external environment of the house is safe for the residents
  • Making sure, rental contract is in place with all the legal conditions, and none of the terms should violate the rights of the renter as well as the government.
  • Contract renewal and new terms to be included

Why you need a property management firm?

Why do you need to hire a property manager to help you out? When you’re too busy in your business and family, you can hardly understand the matters involving real estate. What would you do when you had rented a place and the occupant kept complaining about small leakages, bad paint, improper wiring, sanitation issue, general building maintenance, and other related things? Here, a property management company takes care of each and every aspect of your precious real estate and liberates you to enjoy your free time.

Legal matters

Take rental property as an example; there are a lot of legal matters involved in it and it’s unlikely that you understand all of them. Some legal matters include:

  • Matters relating to the timely rent collection,
  • How to manage repairs at your property and
  • Eviction of the renter

They can be very tricky and to have them addressed properly you need a lawyer. A property lawyer is always a great help in addressing these issues, but he may be too busy to give you appointment, or perhaps you cannot afford his fees.  Where else to go to then? Property management firms, with their experience and knowledge, can address these issues quite easily. Plus, they don’t charge you that high.

If you have a number of rental units or properties

If you have more than one rental unit, it is really hard to manage all the related matters in a proper manner. Going for a real estate agent would not make any sense if the properties are far in distance or are in different cities, because you will have to hire more than one property agent to assist you. But for a property management company, numbers and the distances do not matter. You just have to pay a monthly fee and be relieved from all your worries.  

Final statement

Property management Singapore has been gaining popularity just because of these issues. However, it is necessary that you find the correct firm, because not all the firms have the right expertise to manage your property in the best possible manner. Do your research and choose the one with the best network, reach and reputation.  

How to manage a property smartly

When you own a property, there are some definite tensions attached to it. Some of the most common questions are:

  • How would you know that the tenant you got is not going to make a mess of your property and keep it maintained?
  • Would you get all the payments on time such as rent and repairs?
  • What would you do when the legal issues will arise between you and the tenant?
  • What is the procedure if you want to get rid of your tenant?
  • Would the tenant know how to manage issues such as rain water or piping leakage if it happens?

There is a long list of questions that goes on and on. But wait; here you can use the help of a property management company. The job of such a company is to provide you assistance in all your property matters whether relating to money or not.

What is the need for a property management company?

As mentioned above there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to your own property and renting it. Just consider yourself moving to new city due to a job posting, you do not want to sell your property back at home. You would just want to rent it out. You might find the right tenant for your property but it will be very difficult for you to keep a regular check on it.

Here a property management company comes in handy, that can free you from all your worries relating to your property. Such a company will assist you in all the matters relating to your property, starting from the timely collection of your rent and delivering it to you till the eviction of your tenant when you want. Those are some of the key responsibility of a property manager, helping you to better manage of your worries while you are away.


Why a property management company is a smart choice.

Managing your own property can be a task at times, but when you have professional help, it becomes fairly easy. These companies will make you free from all your worries relating to the property management. They can assist you in finding the right tenant for your property, all the legal matters relating to your property, the maintenance of it and a lot of other matters.

When talking about such an agency that looks after your property and the matters relating to it, there are a lot of options available out there in the market. But proper consideration and rules should be given when choosing the best among the options available at your disposal. An agency rendering the facilities management services can at least minimize your tensions relating to your property if not wipe them off completely.

Therefore choosing the company that suits your needs and requirements is important. When it comes to property management Singapore you have lots of options. These agencies preserve and manage your properties according to your requirements as well as the rules and regulations of the country.

Things to note before buying a property

Buying property is a serious business. One has to be very careful while buying an empty plot or a fully furnished house. There are quite a few aspects to look at before you finally put your finger on a property. From legal issues to the state of the property, everything has great importance of its own.  

One of the aspects of property management demands sellers to present their property in the best possible way. Since buyers are looking for the best deal, it is very crucial that the sellers have kept everything ready in order to sell their house – this includes the minor details like indoor air quality, proper air ventilation around the house, and the overall property management maintenance.

If you are worried about not having enough knowledge about the essentials of property dealing, this article from property management company in Singapore can be of great help to you.


Location holds the primary importance in property dealing. Regardless of how you might want to use your property, it is vital that you choose your property location wisely. Never deal for a property that won’t have any resale value. If you’re buying commercial property for a shop or a showroom, make sure that there is enough public on the streets around your desired property.

Access to Road

This problem mainly persists in rural areas. Access to the main road is quite vital because if a property is situated far from the main roads where there is only private access possible, chances are that there will be poor supply of water and drainage. Also, it can badly affect your property value so you might well suffer when you want to resell it.


This is an important aspect especially when you are purchasing plots and intend to build your own house. In layman terms, zoning refers to allocation of land on the basis of what would be built on it. Not all types of buildings can be made on all types of plots. There are certain restrictions imposed by the government so you should always check whether you are allowed to build the type of building that you desire on your land.

Encountering floods

You would never want your property to turn into a swimming pool every now and then. Neither do you want to keep repairing your house every time a heavy shower passes your area. Especially if you live in an area where the planning is not too great, there can be areas that are flooded by water after rains risking your life and your family lives from possible dengue cases. It is better to stay away and look for other options because the prices of property may be low in such areas but they can cost you on permanent basis in the longer run.

Survey your property

It’s your property and you should know exactly how much a piece of land you are buying. Sometimes when you are buying land it may not be marked with boundaries. Therefore, by surveying your property you would come to know exactly how much land you own. Do not rush and make a happy and wise decision.

How to maintain rain water tanks in properties

It is needless to mention how important water is to our lives. It is one of the basic necessities that should be available for all. This is why water tanks hold such prime importance in any property.

In areas where there is scarcity of water, water tanks are considered as a blessing. You can store valuable amount of water through these tanks which can be further used as per your needs. However, it is also important to understand how you should install water tanks so that they work efficiently for longer periods of time and avoid unnecessary pool of water to avoid dengue cases. This article will provide you with useful guidance when it comes to water tanks.

Whenever you are thinking of renovating your property, you should make due considerations about your water tanks. Property management Singapore has just the right solutions to your problems.

Rain water tanks

These tanks are not entirely dedicated to rain water but they have earned the name because they can hold valuable rain water. These tanks are crucial because in areas where there is not enough water supply, rain water can be a very important source.

These tanks can be installed separately with effective water collection mechanisms. These mechanisms can be:

  •  Cemented Roofs
  • Fiberglass Sheet roofs
  • Galvanized Iron roofs
  • Polycarbonate Roofs
  • And many others

Also, here are some roofs from which you should never collect rain water. The water might be highly contaminated if it comes from these sources.

  • Roofs painted with lead based material
  • Roofs made from treated wood
  • Wood burner chimneys

Since rain water is so valuable to the cause, it is important that you know some relevant information about it. This will help you make the decision as to what purpose you should use this water for.

Water Pollutants

Not every time your rain water will be drinkable. There can be pollutants such as birds and animal droppings as well as microscopic pollutants can affect the rain water.

Smoke can also be a hazardous material that can badly affect your water storage. If you live in urban areas, poor air quality and air ventilation will result in air pollution can also be a dangerous factor. Sometimes everything is fine and it’s just your water pipes that are not clean.

Keeping your rain water clean

To ensure that you stay safe from these hazardous ingredients, there should be a tank cover designed in a way that avoids such pollutants from dirtying the water. Here are a few more recommendations that can keep your rain water clean.

  • Clean your tanks on regular basis. If your area has seasonal rains you may also want to close the connection to your tank during that time. It will keep unnecessary air and smoke from entering the tank.
  •  Remove leaves and branches that might be hanging over the tanks.
  • Use pipes which are immune to corrosion.
  • Always allow the first seasonal rain to clean off all the dirt from the pipes and the tank. Then use the water from the following rain showers.

Property management companies can tell you further effective uses of rain water like toilet flushing, car and clothes washing and other cleaning purposes. They can help you install and maintain these tanks for a longer time. 

The essential of air ventilation

Air, the basic need of life. As much as it is taken for granted, air quality is the most crucial element when it comes to living. If you doubt the statement one bit, stop breathing for a while. Just as important it is for our environment to stay clean, it is equally important that the air stays breathable and germ free.

The need of ventilation

Ventilation is instrumental in maintaining the property. You will be surprised to know but there are more elements that contribute to heat buildup than just your kitchen stove. Property management Singapore have the detailed answers to queries regarding air conditioning and ventilation of properties. Before we move to further discussion with ventilation, let’s see what these elements are:

  • The heat from sun directly entering our house is a major contributor to rise in temperature inside the house.
  •  Hot air from the surroundings that make way through our windows and doors is another ingredient.

These elements may not be considered when we discuss the rise in temperature inside our house. For us, an exhaust fan is important in the kitchen because it takes out the heat and smoke through the vent. However, the heat buildup continues in other parts of your property which generally go unnoticed.  

The working principle

The principle of ventilation is quite simple. Just like you make way for water to travel through pipes, ventilation is the circulation of air in and out of the house. If you provide air with free passage, you will never be faced with complaints such as suffocation and high temperature inside your house.

How to implement ventilation inside the property

There are several ventilation systems available these days which ensure effective air passage so that your home temperature stays normal all the time.

  • Exhaust fans

One of the simple types of ventilation systems are exhaust fans. These fans suck out the hot air that builds up inside closed environments. Exhaust fans are cheap and easy to install inside rooms and we recommend that every room should have at least one exhaust fan.

  • Keep windows open

The best way to allow air to pass is simply to give it a passage. If you keep the windows and doors opened frequently, there will be no heat buildup inside your rooms. Also, it will allow cleaner and fresher air to enter your house so the environment stays healthier.

  • Tree plantation

If you have trees around your house, ventilation can improve considerably. Trees are a good source of ventilation as well as they clean the air. You must have experienced cleaner and cooler breeze when you stand under a tree. So you can plant more trees around your property for a healthier breeze to pass through your house all the time. But be mindful of excess pool of water around your plantation to avoid dengue breakout.

What else to consider

If you are going for modern ventilating systems, make sure that you have identified the air volume in your house and the ventilator capacity. Property management can provide you with detailed guidance in regards to calculations when you install a ventilation system. 

7 rules before hiring a property manager

Having the ownership of property is an excellent investment. It can generate handsome revenue for without you having to make too much of an effort. However, maintaining a property can be quite hectic and time taking. You should be able to keep your property well updated so that it gets more opportunities of getting rented.

To keep the burden of property management off your shoulders, it is good to hire a property manager who can take care of your property. A good property management company in Singapore will provide you with the best services in this regards. We bring to you some useful tips that will let you hire a good property manager in this article.


Focus on Licensed Personnel

Hiring a licensed property manager can keep you from many troubles that you are unable to see. Licensed property managers are approved by the state because they have passed relevant courses. A licensed manager will carry out standard state approved procedures for property management so it can keep you off any troubles regarding any legal matters. A licensed property manager are well aware of his roles and responsibilities on top of the major skills that he is required to have before handling a particular project.


Check for the Record

You should consider how many properties are currently being managed by the concerned person. Check how well the property is being managed. It will give you an idea how the person will handle your property as well.


Management Fee

Make sure that the management fee your property manager is demanding is reasonable. There is no fixed management fee. It mainly depends on the locality and the rent of your property. Normally, management fee is 8 to 10 percent of the total rent.


Repair and Maintenance

Find out how your property manager deals with repairs and maintenance of property. Look at the procedures followed by the company. Different companies have different policies for repairs. Some of them always reserve an amount for maintenance. Others simple charge for bills instantly for repairs. Ensure that the property managers observe a clean air quality within the property



There are several aspects of property management. When you are dealing with your manager, make sure you have a written contract which you go through comprehensively. Keep an eye on the postulates of the agreement to avoid any financial risks in future. Always mention a method for ending the contract in case things don’t go well between you and your manager.


Rents and Payments

Ensure that you are getting your rent on regular basis between the agreed time slots. Always be aware of what you manager does with the rent and always try and seek for repair receipts and other miscellaneous charges.


Property Inspection

Property inspection is instrumental to keep the property in good shape. Make sure there is at least one property inspections trip from your property management company. A decent property management company will take care of your property management needs in an effective and efficient manner.